Why you should discover hashtags about yourself

It is more trendy to use twitter to communicate and share useful information about anything and anybody. Even more I see tweets with some critics and hashtags #{company} and #fail or #epicfail. Take a look at tweet from Dennis Mulder (@dennismulder) which inspired me to write this post.

I really don’t understood to a text he shared through this tweet, but I know hashtags #ikea and #fail means something not good at all. This make me think about Ikea company, if they are watching hashtag #ikea in combination with negative words hashtags. So,  I tried to search the twitter for hashtags Dennis Mulder used in his tweet and I found 20+ tweets from September 1, 2012 to September 9, 2012. Half of it I really don’t understood cause I can read only English and Czech. But I found two that attracts me. One posted by Aaron Pinero (@aaronpinero).

This post is not really nice toward the Ikea service. And second from Dom Farr(@domfarr) about product he bought.

It is ugly to see someone talks about company like that, but it is better to know it. This is constructive feedback you can use in some way to make better services or start communication about that problem or make an apology to customer who felt disappointed to compensate the negatives.

Real power of hashtags in the real world

During writing this article I found real power of hashtag combination using search #lumia and #fail. Early September 2012 Nokia shared ad on the YouTube(Nokia deleted this video or I can’t find it on Nokia Channel). After few days(September 5, 2012tech magazine The Verge post an article that proves it is faked. The Twitter was full of negative tweets about faking the video. When you cheat you have to count with somebody who will catch your hand and tell the world. So, Nokia was catched and everybody was talking about this fake ad not only on the Twitter and Nokia’s image drop down.

The worst about it was that same morning Nokia together with Microsoft unveils new Nokia Lumia 820 and 920 with Windows Phone 8 on the press conference talking about it with passion showing the people what a great phone they made. I was watching live stream and was very pleased about what I see. On the Twitter was tons of tweets about Lumia and at this time Nokia Lumia was on the positive top. Now you can imagine how powerful the Twitter is(also other social networks) and how easy is to mess a shiny glass.

Don’t foget one really important thing. When something is great and people are tweeting about it they often use only company, product or service name hashtags without the positive word hashtags. When they are posting negative tweets they are using negative words hashtags. So, if anybody wants to know about you using company, product or service name hashtag, they will always see positive and negative tweets together.


Never ever underestimate the power of social networks(at this time talking about Twitter) and do whatever you can to catch negative tweets using combination of hashtags(company, product or service name) with negative words(fail, epicfail, etc) hashtags. You will be able to quickly react to current problems which can throw bad light on you. My opinion is that it is always better to know about problems or negative side effects of decisions you made to avoid them in the future. Next thing you can catch with this is when someone wants to damage your reputation with defamation(or slanders. I don’t know which word is better for this context). Ability to react is awesome, but you must have something to react to.

Thanks for reading. I will be pleased for every comment.


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