Life’s not fair at all, but we have to live

It is always sad when somebody leave the world. It is life, but why have to die people under 30? Sunday 23th of September 2012 left one of my best friends. He was only 29 years old. I get the message from his girlfriend. I read it when I woke up and was shocked. I couldn’t believe what I am reading.

His name is David and we are friends for more than 12 years. We was playing sports, console games, drinking and other things when we were youngsters. We had a lot of fun together. He was serious guy and always there when I need him. Wish I’ll have one minute to tell him how I appreciate everything he done in his life(not only for me).

It is really sad and I am about to start crying. It is hard for me to believe he’s gone. There are his girlfriend Lenka and beautiful daughter Valerie alone now. Wish Lenka will be strong enought to countinue with her life as soon as possible. I trust to David’s brother Lukáš he will help her to overcome the loss of David. They have to be closer to each other more than ever before.

Look at them. They are beautiful. Perfect family.


I hope You had a nice trip to heaven. All of us will trully miss you, David. Rest in peace, my friend.


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  1. life is very in peace Dave. You musst be strong Peter.

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