Fix for annoying Skype message sound notification

As there are a lot of people asking how to disable sound for Skype’s chat messages, because they are irritated with “bug” when a new message recieves and Skype notifies an user with sound. It used to happen during listening to some sound source(music, vids, etc.) with plugged earphones and an inactive Skype window on notebooks with integrated speakers. I have never been digging deeper into the real problem, but I think it is caused by conflict between a channel usage when Skype is trying to aquire channel used by another application, which ends up with this strange behavior. So, Let’s resolve it.

Resolving the conflict

It’s really easy to resolve it and I will guide you throught few screenshots.

Step 1: Start Skype application.

Step 2: Open Skype options dialog windows through top menu Tools and next click Options from the dropdown menu.


Step 3: Select Audio Settings from the left menu.


Step 4: Configure speakers and ringing options. It is important to set speakers to a different channel than ringing. I have set it to my communication headphones channel and ringing to a built-in speakers. I listen to music the 99% of time while I am in the office, so I choose it like this.


Step 6: Save changes and try to chat with someone.


Skype by default doesn’t go down well with computers that have built-in speakers and makes a lot of pain to users. By changing setting we’ve eliminated conflict between two apps. These settings will make you comfortable about using Skype. All the magic there is to set up channel for communication same as the channel you are using for listening to music or sounds from movies which you can’t do both or you can, but it’s not usual to do. Usually, you talk via Skype or watch movie/listen to music. But you are able to listen to music or watch movie during chatting and a notification sound doesn’t need to be separated from the other sound source. So, we’ve set a notification sound to  a different channel and the built-in sound mixer will mix these together for us without any interuptions and that’s what we want.

Words under the line

Making the first screenshot with opened dropdown menu was PITA for me. I love to use my favorite keybord shortcut fn + alt + prt sc(captures active window screenshot), but I was unable to made it. Always I press the alt button dropdown menu disappeared. Gotta make it better in the seventh release, do you listen, Skype team? Small things make better products.


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