Who wrote it


I am male named Petr Šrámek born in 1982 in Ostrava, Czech Republic. Currently I am living in Prague. I am using Cloudikka as my nickname in the virtual world.


The psychological assesment describes me as a person nearest to the sanguine type. In fact I love people around me, chatting with them and be part of the community.




Who am I

My name is Petr Šrámek. I was born in Ostrava, Czech Republic in 1982. I am living in Prague, Czech Republic from end of 2011.

What do I do

I do work as a Microsoft Platform Developer. Lot of time I’m spending on programming web applications using ASP.NET MVC, Entity Framework, LINQ and other stuff as needed.

What do I like

I do like to create values using new innovative practices. Investigating possibilities to make a better results. Searching for a feedback and opinions of other guys like me.

What motivates me

Usually, people around me and their problems I like to solve and make them happy again. Otherwise something what attract me and put some idea/vision in my head I have to think about.

Why I started to blog

I started this blog to share my thoughts, ideas, experience and code whenever it will be possible. Side effect should be improved written English(which is horrible).

Thank you

Thank you for reading. I’m always glad when I get a feedback, so don’t hesitate to write a comment under the articles. I also like to chat about any interesting stuff via Twitter or Facebook. So, follow me.

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